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Variegated Aroid Potting Mix

Our NEW mix formulated especially for variegated plants that are prone to waterlogging. 

Comprised of Coco, Perlite and Sphagnum Moss.

This mix will help retain the correct amount of water without holding too much for too long, which can be the most common cause of root rot.

Using this mix will significantly improve the health of your plants roots.

Aroids prefer to be potted into a nice free draining, porous substrate which will provide them with the correct balance of oxygen and moisture without the risk of waterlogging.

We have tested various different ratios and discovered our plants most thrive when provided with a higher percentage of loose substrate, allowing us to water much more frequently, improving the plants availability to absorb crucial water and nutrition, resulting in a faster metabolism and a much healthier plant.

Give it a try! 

Happy growing.... Jim & Sara :)


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